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Dance program – Slovenske mamicky

The program is made of the most beautiful and most known waltzes, polkas, high temper gypsy songs and typical Slovak folk songs.

The most beautifull “zacepcenie” of the bride.

One of the most beautiful moments at the weding, there is the “zacepcenie” of the bride with no doubt. In fact, this process describes the “taking the bride from her parents” the best. Due to our experiences, we decided to take a professional approach in the sense of the traditions and the most beautiful habits of our forefathers. Thanks to the artists, who take part in the Slovak folk arts colective (S¼UK), we guarantee an unforgetable experience, which will experience every person present at the weding. You will find more info HERE.



The program is based on the most beautiful folk songs from the whole Slovakia and is also enriched with the virtuoso compositions such as Vittorio Monti - Csárdás, Aram Chaèaturian – Sabre dance...

Repete – Throw away the sorrows.

At the original presentment of Fidlikanti, you will dance and sing the bigest hits of the legendary TV program REPETE.


Wide range of folk costumes is available.

In the case of interest, we can enrich the show with dance pairs.