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Jozef Lednicky – violin, singing, fujara

Born in Myjava, he started his violin career in Stara Tura in the children cicrcle called Javorinka. For several times, he won the prize of the „Primas Samko Dudik“, which was elementary in the Myjava region. As a student of the Bratislava’s Conservatory(music academy) he took a rest from the folk music and he spend his time with the study of the classical music resulting in winning the 2nd place at the International Violin Contest in Dolny Kubin. He continued in his studies at the University of Art in Bratislava, where he played in orchestras such as Junge Philharmonie Wien and International student orchestra Slovenia. During the studies of the classical music he worried a lot, until he realized, that besides his passion for powerfull cars and beautifull women, his biggest passion will allways remain the folk music. That is why he became the member of SĽUK and occasionly the Golden Violin orchestra.


Andrej Jarolin – cimbal, singing

The first contacts with music go back to his school years, where he started to atent the Basic art school playing the trumpet. His „art“ in fanfaras he presented with passion on the school yard.The end of his carreer as the school yard player remains a secret.His grandfather, who played in the village band on combal, brought him to this instrument. His relationship to the „combal“ and to the music as such, he was able to develop at the Music concervatory in Banska Bystrica, where he finished his „cimbal“ studies. During his student years, he amused himself in various music bands. From 1998, he is the member of the SĽUK orchestra. Besides this, he also takes a part in different proffesional groups, such as ĽH Štefana Molota orchestra, Lúčnica or Folk instruments Orchestra of the Radio Bratislava.


Pavol Vician – contrabase, fujara

Born in Banska Stiavnica, he tried his luck as a young talented violin player at the Music consrvatory in Žilina. It was common, that there was too many violin players at that time, but there were missing the contrabase players to the luck of us all, who are his collegues now. After he finished the conservatory studies, he started his musical carreer as a contrabase player in the Folk Instruments Orchestra in the theater Nova Scena, Lúčnica, ĽH Štefana Molotu. Now, he is a member of the SĽUK- orchestra..


 Peter Mikulec - viola

Although born in Myjava, he started to play a folk music in Detva in the folk music Detvanček. Two years in the army band Jánošík in Brno started his journey as a proffesional contrary. After finishing the basic military service(1991), he performed with Jožko Černý for five years. From 1996, he plays in various folk proffesional groups in Bratislava such as Army art group, Folk Instruments Orchestra of the Radio Bratislava, folk music of Štefan Molota. In the present time, he is a member of the SĽUK orchestra.